my Solaris 11 notes/cheat sheet

Sorry for short explanations, maybe I will give more details later. Enjoy.

Image Packaging System:
pkg set-publisher -g sfe
pkg publisher
pkg update
pkg list
pkg history
pkg uninstall
pkg info | more

Boot environment:
beadm list
beadm activate bootEnvTest
beadm create BeName
beadm mount BeName mount-point
beadm destroy

svcadm mark // place in maintenance state
svcadm clear // clear maintenance state
svcadm milestone // place in particular init level
svcs -a // list all services on the system
svcs -d ssh // list service dependencies
svcs -xv ssh // verbose information on service state
svcs -l ssh // displays properties of service

/var/svc/log // every service has different log file stored here

Init levels:
s,S : single user
1 : single admin user
2 : multi user without NFS svcs
3 : multi user with NFS svcs
6 : reboot
0 : shutdown

zpool list
zpool status
zpool history
zpool create testpool /zfstest/test1 /zfstest/test2 /zfstest/test3
zpool destroy
zpool mount

dladm // data link availability

System Processes and Tasks:
pkg info | more // shows installed packages
prtconf -v|more //configuration information
hostname //shows host name
hostid //shows host id
services -a // shows running services
pargs PID // shows arguments of process
pgrep ApplicationName // Gives PIDs of applications running
iostat -x // IO/disk information
vmstat // virtual memory information
savecore // retrieves dumped data files like vmdump.n in savecore directory
/usr/bin/mdb //lists crash dump files
dumpadm // view/configure crash dump params
coreadm // manages core dump files

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