f30 wing mirror retrofit notes

Retrofitting dimming and folding mirrors requires 2 cables to passenger mirror.  LIN bus and power.

Old mirror pin layout (6 pins)

  1. Mirror Heating  –> not used
  2. Turn Indicator –> Pin 2
  3. Ground –> Pin 3
  4. Vertical Adjustment –> not used
  5. Ground –> Pin 4
  6. Horizontal Adjustment –> not used

New mirror pin layout (5 pins)

  1.  Empty
  2. Turn Indicator
  3. Turn Indicator Ground
  4. Ground (heating and folding)
  5. LIN bus
  6. Power

I’ve connected LIN from A173*4B Pin 27 which was already empty. I ran the cable to the mirror. And for power I used the rear fuse box. The missing ground cable is connected to pin 3.

Driver’s side is plug and play.  Install your new mirror and window switch.

After finishing connections add 430 to FA and code FEM VO.